Read this before you use your candle!

The soft crackling and distinctive glow of a wooden wick candle create a warm and inviting atmosphere, though they might pose a challenge if you're new to them. Wooden wicks burn differently from cotton wicks, and a few issues might prevent them from staying lit. To ensure a beautiful, prolonged burn for your botanical candle, here are our top tips and techniques.

Lighting a Wooden Wick Candle: Light these candles by tilting them at an angle, allowing the flame to draw along the wick. Be patient; it might take a few tries due to their composition.

Keep the Wick Trimmed and Clean: Remember, it's the wax fueling the flame, not the wood. Trim the wick 1/8th inch, removing charred bits every time to enable the wax to reach the flame effectively. Even if you light the candle for a couple minutes and want to burn again, you must remove the charred bits. 

The Crucial First Burn: Allow your candle enough time during the first burn to create a melted wax pool to the edge of the vessel. This establishes a burning pattern crucial for subsequent burns. If you do not let the melted pool reach the edge, please reheat the top with a dryer to level it out, let it cool and retry.

Fixing Tunneling: If tunneling occurs, try a long burn to reset the wax memory. If drowning in wax, soak up excess wax with a paper towel, use a dryer to reheat the top to level it out and let the wax harden. You can also scrape the wax or using foil around the rim.

By following these practices, your wooden wick candle should burn evenly and beautifully for an extended period.